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skin by 꾸자네
Eli Stone

This is a TV drama newly started on January 31th, 2008. All situations that occur to Eli are like a cartoon.

The title of this drama.

This is the protagonist of this newly started drama. His name is Eli Stone.

He is a lawyer who works at Wethersby Posner & Klein in San Francisco.

One day, he finds out that George Michael is singing in his livingroom. However, it was just hallucination.

This is Eli's fiancee. Her name is Taylor Wethersby. She also is a lawyer.

Her father is a member of the board at Wethersby Posner & Klein.

At their engagement party. It looks okay, but no one knows what will happen.

This is Eli's father. I don't know his name, but he died when Eli was young.

He seemed that he was always drunk because he did some strange behaviour time to time.

So, Eli and his family have hated him until Nathan, Eli's older brother, found something in Eli's brain.

This is Eli's mother. No much of stuff to explain her.

This is Nathan Stone, Eli's brother. I don't know whether he is older or younger and it doesn't matter to me.

He is a doctor who find out that Eli has brain aneurysm just like their father.

When they were young, they thought that their father was just a aimless drunk.

These poeple are Taylor's parents. Jordan and Mrs.Wethersby.

This is Patti, Eli's assistant. But, she has more information than Eli.

She knows very useful secrets and some classified documents of the company.

This is Dr.Chen, an acupuncturist. But, it is not his real name.

He says his name is Frank Lebakowski (I’m not sure if he was admitting that or just kidding.)

He treats Eli's hallucination by interpreting his hallucination and acupuncturing on Eli.

This is Maggie Dekker, a co-worker. Also a lawyer at Wethersby.

In this scene, Nathan's colleage finds out that Eli has brain aneurysm.

He said it is located so deep that it's impossible to have a surgery.

These are halluciantions that Eli sees.

But, this is the reality.

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